Samantha offers accessible, holistic, and nurturing support throughout the threshold of life transitions. Their practice as a doula, educator, and facilitator is trauma-informed, healing-centered and community-based.



Offer folks accessible, holistic, nurturing, and empowering non-medical care, support, facilitation, guidance, all-options counseling, education, information, and advocacy throughout the threshold of life transitions.

Honor folks unique strengths, boundaries, preferences, intuition, language, lived experiences, identities and their intersections, family structure, knowledge, rituals, cultural traditions, beliefs and practices.

Foster a safe(r) space for folks to process feelings and experiences; while encouraging the practice of radical self-love, self-care, self-advocacy, boundary-setting, and harm reduction practices.



Support survivors, folks navigating abuse, loss, and trauma, folks currently using self-harm as a coping mechanism and(or) in recovery, as well as folks managing chronic health conditions, diseases, infections, and toxins.

Nurture a radical, collaborative, trauma-informed, healing-centered and community-based practice while advocating for accessibility, equity, inclusivity, and justice with an intersectional lens.




Eradicate the culture of fear, shame, stigma, and guilt.


Bring a calming, protective and grounding energy to a room.


Use gender neutral and gender affirming language.


Decolonize, dismantle white supremacy and ablism.


Humans, especially humans who persist in trying to transform the conditions of life, are remarkably resilient. We experience so much loss, pain, hardship, attack - and we persist! 

- adrienne maree brown