"Meeting myself where I am (the essential core of harm reduction theory) seems a more reasonable way to contextualize self care."

- When Language Runs Dry # 4 Zine

My name is Samantha Nicole Fonteyne, and I use She/Her and They/Them pronouns. I created Liminal Life Services to encompass my practice as a queer doula, educator, and facilitator. I offer accessible, holistic, nurturing, and empowering non-medical care, support, facilitation, guidance, all-options counseling, education, information, and advocacy throughout the threshold of life transitions.

I am experienced and comfortable with holding space, offering unconditional support without judgment, and bringing a calming, protective, and grounding energy to a room. Moreover, I am able to thoroughly organize, plan, coordinate, and problem solve. My approach is DIY, trauma-informed, evidence-based, gender neutral and gender affirming. My practice is radical, collaborative, healing-centered and community-based.

I identify as a disabled queer non-binary femme, who is a survivor of abuse and trauma. I practice radical self-love and harm reduction; while managing chronic physical and mental health conditions. Thus, I am devoted to supporting survivors; folks navigating abuse, loss, and trauma; folks currently using self-harm as a coping mechanism and(or) in recovery; as well as folks managing chronic health conditions, diseases, infections, and toxins.

I am committed to honoring folks unique strengths, boundaries, preferences, intuition, language, lived experiences, identities and their intersections, family structure, knowledge, rituals, cultural traditions, beliefs and practices. My mission is to foster a safe(r) space for folks to process feelings and experiences; while encouraging the practice of radical self-love, self-care, self-advocacy, boundary-setting, and harm reduction practices.

I live with my primary partner, who identifies as a cis-male type 1 diabetic half Puerto Rican, in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, occupied Dakota territories. I am an avid reader, researcher, and writer. As a disabled person, who holds white privilege and mindful of their whiteness, I am dedicated to decolonization, as well as dismantling white supremacy and ablism. I will continue to passionately advocate for accessibility, equity, inclusivity, and justice with an intersectional lens.

Jenica Cruz